Photo: Prince Kaybee and his Girlfriend develop their relationship and take it to meet his parents

Photo: Prince Kaybee and his Girlfriend develop their relationship and take it to meet his parents

Prince Kaybee is evidently smitten over his girlfriend Zola Ayabulela Mhlongo and he has decided to require the connection to subsequent level. The doting couple has been serving nothing but couple goals since beginning as a few and fans are here for it.

Meeting the oldsters is that the next big move during a relationship and when a few decides to require their relationship thereto level, it often means they’re serious about one another . this is often where Prince Kaybee and Zola Zeelovin are at the instant .

The popular DJ is extremely keen on his mother and showers her with gifts every now and again. He just shared an image of his mother and Zola with the caption “My wish is for you two to be best friends,” then closed it off with a heart emoji.

Fans also need to learn a touch more about the couple only recently once they revealed their naughty side. They shared a snap that put fans during a frenzy because it revealed their kinky side, setting tons of tongues wagging.

Prince shared a picture of Zola wearing his Bell Bullit DLX racing Helmet, whilst watching her man seductively from the foot of the bed. He captioned the post with, “My Bell Bullit DLX racing Helmet before and after it got Hijacked”, amid a red heart emoji.

One fan especially questioned him on whether the image was taken before the couple in engaged in some late night role play. The musician admitted that the tweep had given him a thought of some future plans together with his lucky lady.

He replied with, “Y’all are crazy, we were getting to bed and that i had just unwrapped my Helmet and she or he put it on. But u giving my ideas!”.

“Love of my life… you’re my friend,” Zola revealed, adding that she appreciates Prince’s support in everything she does.

Not only do they serve couple goals due to their snaps together, they support each other’s careers. Prince has dedicated his time in promoting Zola’s latest single Yamukela, which she released on August 21, under Prince’s record label Lowkey Records.

“Proud of you… @ZolaZeelovin.” he wrote, and Zola retweeted his post saying he helped her realize her dreams and is blessed to possess Prince Kaybee in her corner.