Pearl Modiadie : she Cuts Her Hair Super Short Again

Pearl Modiadie : she Cuts Her Hair Super Short Again

Pics! Pearl Modiadie Cuts Her Hair Super Short Again! Some girls just have it, naturally and media personality Pearl Modiadie is that girl.

A few years ago Pearl chopped off her hair for a while and then started growing it and wearing long, luxurious and expensive weaves. Now without warning, she cut it all off again and looks sixteen. We’re not sure if this hot weather was a factor, what we know is that Pearl has never been afraid of change and taking risk with her style and career is just who she is.

Taking to social media Wednesday afternoon, Pearl shared hot photos of her new edgy haircut. “…he liked her with long hair so she cut it short,” she captioned the photos on twitter. Now watch her inspire an entire new trend this summer. Check out the new hairstyle below.

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…so, I’ve cut my hair ?

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