Papa Penny Wants Mzansi to leave him alone

Papa Penny Wants Mzansi to leave him alone

Father Penny has come out guns blasting to sift through the records that, he isn’t rich. This path on the latest scene of his hit unscripted TV show Papa Penny Ahee, the craftsman booked himself a business class flight, while his life partner and young lady flew with an economy flight.

Energetic watchers of the show named him as a noxious companion, who is insignificantly harming towards his significant other. Tending to Daily Sun the unscripted TV show star explained that he isn’t rich, and if this is an issue to specific people, by then they should give him money to book expensive excursions next time.

“People must avoid others’ issues. I’m not a rich man. For what reason do people envision that me should buy business class tickets for everyone? People like grumbling”, he uncovered to Daily Sun.

He said he paid for 60 people for the trip, including his family, and they didn’t protest.

“The trip wasn’t humble. I paid for 60 people, including my family and the group. This began from my pocket. My family wouldn’t worry and they don’t cry. In case this is such an issue for them, by then they should give me money” he said.

Source : TWITTER/news365