One part of the fans is happy and the other one does not want to Kgomotso’s Return On #RHOD

One part of the fans is happy and the other one does not want to Kgomotso’s Return On #RHOD


Real Housewives Of Durban fans area unit divided over Kgomotso Ndungane‘s look set for ensuing episode which will air Friday next week on Showmax.

While others area unit happy and searching forward to Kgomotso’s come, others hope that it’ll solely be a once-off visit.

Last year Kgomotso declared that she had set to quit RHOD. She aforesaid she ne’er planned to be a part of the show forever.

Speaking to sweetheart Magazine, the businessperson aforesaid, “The season has return to associate finish and everybody is feat to continue with alternative commitments. it had been nice to be a part of the show, meeting all the women and therefore the production team as an entire. It’s been an excellent expertise. The set up on behalf of me was perpetually to try to to one season and go on to one thing else,” she told the publication.

Kgomotso didn’t even build it to the show’s reunion which left several fans discomfited.

The reality principal conjointly unconcealed that Twitter Trolls influenced her call to exit the show. She aforesaid she had ne’er detected of Black Twitter till she joined the show.

“I wasn’t attentive to black Twitter, I knew Twitter as a business platform … therefore once I saw these items, i used to be in absolute shock and my family and friends tried to prevent ME from reading the things,” she told TshisaLive.

She more that the hate have to be compelled to the purpose wherever it had been conjointly poignant her business. She explained, “The exact same reason that I went on to the show to market my business it truly did the opposite… once individuals couldn’t get to ME — as a result of I fast all my thereforecial media accounts once the hate was so Brobdingnagian … they visited my business pages and… I then had to travel and place restriction measures.”

Meanwhile, another RHOD solid member Ayanda Ncwane conjointly known as it equal last year. She aforesaid she felt that the show was damaging her late husband Sfiso Ncwane’s gift. Ayanda conjointly shared that the show was belittling her diligence. She more that she worked arduous to create her complete.

“I have engineered my complete and my complete is therefore huge and high on behalf of me to be simply related to the show. I recently saw a headline that solely associated ME with the $64000 Housewives of Durban, and that i got aggravated as a result of I even have worked therefore arduous building a complete of being a music govt.

“So {for ME|on behalf of me} to be related to one thing therefore little whereas I even have worked therefore arduous didn’t sit well with me, and that i set that the show isn’t on behalf of me as I don’t need to be reduced to only being a woman of the house, whereas I even have worked therefore arduous for everything that I even have,” she told an area publicaton.

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