OMG:Lvovo slams South Africans for buying Louis Vuitton coffin

OMG:Lvovo slams South Africans for buying Louis Vuitton coffin


Performer Lvovo has shared his dissatisfaction about the “ludicrous” budgetary choices he trusts some South Africans are equipped for making, such as purchasing a Louis Vuitton final resting place. An image of a Louis Vuitton final resting place advanced toward Lvovo’s course of events, and he promptly pummeled it, saying “dumb” South Africans were well on the way to get it.

“Moronic Africans can truly purchase this! I couldn’t care less what you state, we’re the main country that can do such a moronic thing,” he said.


His devotees appeared to concur that it wouldn’t have been long until somebody in SA paid the casket to flaunt. South African memorial services are normally costly events described by mahogany coffins trickling with sparkly trimmings and transcending marble gravestones.

Groups of famous people in Mzansi head the rundown of individuals who go all out for their friends and family where memorial services and gravestones are concerned. Joe Mafela’s headstone strikes a chord when many think luxurious and costly gravestones. Joe’s ostentatious “front room” headstone incorporated a tremendous level screen TV and a lounge chair. The unbelievable entertainer kicked the bucket subsequent to being associated with an auto collision in 2017.

L’vovo in a scene from Mzansi Magic’s eHostela. Photograph from Facebook

The gravestone was evaluated to cost somewhere in the range of R100,000 and R300,000. Previous Generations entertainer Mandla Hlatswayo kicked the bucket a saint and when he was let go, his gravestone epitomized that. The entertainer was shot and slaughtered outside a bar in Pimville after he attempted to help two ladies who were being burglarized by two outfitted men.

Mandla was given his own special DJ set which weighed 400kg, took a group of individuals three days to produce and cost R70,000.

While Lvovo was communicating his contemplations about the LV casket, he saw a tweet saying that Takealot sells final resting places, and the performer isn’t persuaded that will end well.

Business Insider reports that individuals in Mzansi would now be able to get a final resting place, discounted, for R4,899 (common value R5,500) from South Africa’s biggest online retailer, Takealot. In any case, while conveyance is free, the item is “non-returnable”.

The Bayang’sukela hitmaker figures individuals will utilize the chance to trick others.