Ntsiki Mazwai pray for travel and abundance ,not Marriage And Kids

Ntsiki Mazwai pray for travel and abundance, not Marriage And Kids

Ntsiki Does Not Want Husband And Kids

Ntsiki Mazwai has let people know that she isn’t curious about having kids or marriage as those two aren’t a part of her future.

The poet has always been trolled by people on social media asking her when is she getting a person and settling down. These insults are hurled at her whenever she touches a nerve and says something controversial.


The thick-skinned Ntsiki has never addressed any of the insults however during a random tweet she let it’s known that she has no interest in settling down.

“Guys I do not pray for a husband and youngsters ……it’s not a desire on behalf of me. I do pray for travel and abundance and that is the life I live,” she shared.