Ntsiki condemns Boity’s allegations of ‘gender-based violence’

Ntsiki condemns Boity’s allegations of ‘gender-based violence’

Ntsiki condemns Boity's allegations of 'gender-based violence'
Ntsiki condemns Boity’s allegations of ‘gender-based violence’

Ntsiki Mazwai has weighed in on the Boity Thulo, Bujy Bikwa adventure story and aforementioned it shouldn’t be categorized as Gender based mostly Violence (GBV). Instead it ought to be flat out place as 2 those that were drunk, insulting one another, that resulted in one person retaliating.

Although she doesn’t excuse what Bujy did to Boity, she says Boity shouldn’t classify herself as a lady WHO could be a victim of Gender based mostly Violence.

“Guys I even have a retardant with GBV being place within the same level as impi yasetshwaleni (club fights). I even have a retardant therewith. I even have a retardant with 2 drunkards WHO were slurring at one another occupation one another fat fucks, being within the same class as some lady WHO is genuinely abused by her man, I even have a retardant,” she declared in an exceedingly video.

Since this morning, Ntsiki has been discussing this on her social media. She could be a GBV activist WHO once found herself on the incorrect facet of the law as she with pride continued her duties jointly.

This morning she tweeted, “Using our voices against GBV doesn’t absolve ladies of the responsibility to not insult individuals right?”

Ntsiki needs it to be clear that she isn’t professional Bujy neither is she professional Boity, “Bujy is long within the trashcan on behalf of me….. I simply wanna understand why we wish sober individuals to be addressing problems at groove… once drug abuse could be a alternative nah mean?”

Ntsiki then unapologetically supplementary, “South continent has associate degree alcoholism downside….. currently alcohol problems became social problems.”

She then went on to mention each Bujy and Boity were wrong at the top of the day and each ought to be control responsible, “Verbal abuse is that the same as physical abuse…Abuse is abuse…Nobody was innocent in this words
… Nobody. STOP with the emotional blackmail…. These 2 have to be compelled to hold themselves in command of their poor and alcoholic show, language out.”

Ntsiki received some back lash from those that referred to as her out for hating on Boity. although some would possibly accept as true with her, several area unit oral communication it doesn’t amendment the actual fact that Bujy molested Boity physically.

Ntsiki has been placed below identical class as Ifani WHO abused Boity by turning her pain into a joke by victimisation sexual innuendos.

“If God gave American state an opportunity to hit Boity, i would not use a bottle,” he aforementioned adding peach and chili emojis.

Speaking to the media, Bujy disclosed that Boity is hard to please R1 million from him. He told TshisaLive that Boity sent a letter of demand aforementioned it’s a small amount unfair as a result of they’re each guilty.

“I have to be compelled to take answerability for her scars however currently, she opened a case, I got in remission…the worst half is that she sent a letter hard to please R1m and i am a bit like, therefore you do not wish to resolve this. wherever can i purchase R1m once each folks area unit at fault?” he asked.

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