Ntando Duma shared a video of her pranking daughter Sbahle and it’s the cutest!

Ntando Duma shared a video of her pranking daughter Sbahle and it’s the cutest!

Actress Ntando Duma pranked her daughter Sbahle Mzizi and that i don’t think we’ll forget to hide our noses subsequent time we sneeze!

Sbahle Mzizi, the lovable three-year-old who has caught our attention from the day we saw a video of her on internet , sent a stern reminder for peeps to prevent spreading their germs.

Mommy-daughter duo Ntando and Sbahle took to Twitter with a now-viral video of Ntando pranking her daughter . While Sbahle was giving her a manicure (how cute, right?), mommy pretended to sneeze without covering her face.

Sbahle was totally not cool with it and schooled Ntando on her sneezing etiquette.

“You got to cover your mouth!” insisted Sbahle.

Watch the lovable video below:

The little health care expert followed abreast of her statement, saying that if you cough or sneeze, you would like to hide your mouth and nose.

When Ntando asked why she needed to hide her mouth, lil Sbahle said “cowoona- whiras” and therefore the net was able to give her the minister of health position, right there and then!

Twitter was also super impressed together with her command of English and the way well she is upholding the principles and regulations of the lockdown, have a look:

Recently, the pair are popular on the TL with their lessons and clips from their lives. On Instagram, Ntando and Sbahle had a reading lesson and therefore the fans were truly impressed.

The star opened about her reading champion, saying she is lucky to possess started reading to Sbahle when she was still within the womb. She also had some advice for moms out there who needed it.

“Babies who were read to as newborns have a bigger vocabulary, also as more advanced mathematical skills, than other children their age. it’s never too early to start out reading for your baby,” wrote Ntando.