Nota Baloyi to Shauwn Mkhize “You Are A Clout Chasing Fraud”, Watch Reasons

Nota Baloyi to Shauwn Mkhize “You Are A Clout Chasing Fraud”, Watch Reasons

Nota Baloyi to Shauwn Mkhize
Nota Baloyi to Shauwn Mkhize

Outspoken South African cultural commentator and music trade business executive Nota Baloyi has laid-off a salvo at Shauwn Mkhize.

This comes when footage of her along with her son, Andile Mpisane hanging out with Zola seven flooded social media.

While several applauded Shauwn Mkhize and Andile Mpisane for showering Zola seven amorously and granting his want, Nota Baloyi isn’t affected by Mamkhize’s initiative.

Responding to Ntsiki Mazwai’s tweet regarding however there was nothing noble regarding Shauwn Mkhize golf shot Zola seven on social media wormlike to her, Nota Baloyi suspect Shauwn Mkhize of being a clout chasing fraud.

Nota Baloyi claims Mamkhize got wealthy owing to her connections not owing to talent.

Mamkhize is a clout chasing fraud. A tenderpreneur who got ahead with of her connections not talent. Zola is a whole legend yet Black Twitter see nothing wrong in him grovelling for a woman who only has money but no real values or moral authority. She must focus on her brat, RHA!

Nota argued that if Shauwn Mkhize wasn’t a fraud she would have helped and sponsored Kamo Mphela with a visit to America rather than promoting his son, Andile Mpisane WHO he claims is talentless.

If Mamkhize wasn’t a fraud she would’ve sponsored Kamo Mphela with a trip to the US & got her features with Rick Ross instead of taking the talentless son to go be a groupie. Now they are all coming to use #Zola7 for clout. As long as you guys stream his music & support his gigs!

Meanwhile, Nota Baloyi is that the one WHO sent Mzansi into panic mode when claiming that Zola seven wasn’t well.

He more claimed that Muthaland diversion label owner Lance Stehr was the one taking care of Zola 7’s kids.

“He has seven children. Their mothers are taking care of them. He can’t even take care of himself. Lance will take care of them, as he always has!”

These claims were later refuted by Zola 7’s personal assistant Siki Kunene. He same Nota’s comments weren’t correct.

“All those things he said are utter rubbish. He’s just trying to create hype over nothing. The truth is Bonginkosi is fine. He’s got epilepsy. He is taking chronic medication for it.”

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