Norma clarified that she was crushed by the way that she had lost her Nokia 3310

Norma clarified that she was crushed by the way that she had lost her Nokia 3310

Norma Gigaba went through a world of fond memories with her devotees.

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Norma Gigaba’s 900,000 adherents were blessed to receive a genuine nostalgic visit into her recollections when she shared a deplorable occurrence that happened to her in her understudy days.

The beautiful persuasive orator clarify that she’s by and by consistently had an “issue” with shoes made by the well known Chat All Stars brand. It isn’t really the brand that she has an issue with; it’s the recollections she connects with the brand. She took to her Instagram to share that story.

“So back in the days when I was as yet an understudy, I was doing my first year (PC designing), I chose to get down to business to do my hair in Durban. There was a spot called 320 in West Road at that point,” she reviewed.

“While I was strolling in West Road, some ni*** chose to loot me. He took my satchel and my telephone, and [my] transport coupon was there. He vanished in [a] few moments and I was as yet stunned by what was occurring. All I recall [was that] he was wearing a white All Star.”@@

Norma clarified that she was grief stricken by the way that she had lost her Nokia 3310, her absolute first cellphone. Nobody could very handle her anguish over an insignificant telephone – from the security watch who gave her R5 to get the transport home to her dad.

Norma said she attempted to get over the episode and still connects the injury with the well known brand of shoes. That is the reason she would seldom be able to force herself to wear them.

“Quick forward the story from that point forward: I hate any person wearing a Top pick. Each time I see somebody wearing it, I need to go to him and ask, ‘ey wena, iphi ifoni yami?’. I just began two years prior to overlook that injury … in any case, each time I wear it [All Stars] I recall that story”.

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Let me share a funny story about wearing an all star. So back in the days when I was still a student, I was doing my first year ( computer engineering), I decided to go to town to do my hair in Durban, there was a place called 320 in West Street then. While I was walking in west street some nigga decided to rob me , he took my hand bag and my phone and bus coupon was there and he disappeared in few seconds and I was still shocked what was happening ? all I remember he was wearing a white all star . I told the security who was closer by and he asked ushonephi the guy and what was he wearing I said he was wearing an all star, Aibo the security grilled me about how can I didn’t see the guy’s face or top but I only noticed an all star and I must know that I won’t find that bag because “abafana bama all star bayabaleka”??.The only thing was on my mind was my new 3310 Nokia phone and it was my first phone?? . So I kept saying oh bakithi iphone yam the security asked how am I gonna get home because I was busy crying for a phone ?? this guy didn’t understand the pain of losing your first phone and I’m one person who loves gadgets just imagine that pain. Oh well I asked him to give me R5 so that I can take a Mainah bus to Musgrave . When I got home I cried again and that day i didn’t even want to eat and my dad asked in the evening usakhalela iphone namanje ?? Aibo I was so shocked now why all these people don’t understand that losing a phone is a big deal ??. Fast forward the story since then I dislike any guy wearing an all star. Every-time I see someone wearing it I want to go to him and ask “ ey wena iphi ifoni yami ???”. I only started 2 years ago to forget that trauma and wearing it but every time I wear it I remember that story .

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