Nomcebo is not doing well, can she survive this?

Nomcebo is not doing well, can she survive this?


Award-winning singer, altruist and author of Jerusalema Nomcebo Zikode has finally told United States her facet of the story following the allegations that she wasn’t obtaining reserved for her hit song, Jerusalema.

Nomcebo aforementioned she has not received a cent from her label Open Mic Productions for her contribution to the song.

In a discharged statement, she said, “Thank you to any or all the fans of #Jerusalema, you’ve got created my dreams a reality, with attaining a worldwide hit song. My voice and lyrics have transcended globally, however I still expect what’s thanks to me”

“I haven’t been paid a cent by the label for #Jerusalema despite the song’s world success. I even have been ridiculed, with efforts to marginalize my contribution”

She aforementioned that the continuing love and support from the fans of Jerusalema has been her strength and anchor through this tough time

“I, as a feminine creator, can’t keep silent on this any longer. The matter is currently with my lawyers”

Speaking to Sunday world, a supply confirmed that Nomcebo has not received a cent from her label for Jerusalema, “She has not been paid a cent for Jerusalema. they may not reach Associate in Nursing agreement, therefore Nomcebo had to talk to her lawyers. The record label referred to as her demand ‘ridiculous.’ however is five hundredth ridiculous? She wrote the lyrics and herb them, he created the song. that ought to count for one thing,” the supply says.

Nomcebo is additionally aforementioned to not be taking all of this well, the supply aforementioned,” She isn’t okay in the slightest degree. while not her vocals and songwriting, the song may not are successful. it’s really unhappy to visualize another creator get side-lined and not get what’s thanks to them. however let the legal team handle it,”

The supply more explicit , “I hear countless individuals speech communication Nomcebo was simply a feature, and this can be the mentality that has created several feminine vocalists be laden. She isn’t a backup singer, however a lead singer to a song she co-wrote, sure enough she deserves to sing and obtain paid to sing her song. No offence to Zanda, I don’t recognize what their agreement was, however artists have to be compelled to be procured their royalties and be allowed to perform their music”.

A lot of ZAlebs were left brokenhearted when hearing the news on Nomcebo’s Instagram page whole some expressed their disappointment within the method record labels treat their artists.

@zii2010 aforementioned, “Wow!!! If there was ever a cause to burn cars & trucks for…yeah this can be it, record firms are cacophonous off artists forever, it’s time all artists engaged lawyers before language contracts as a result of this can be a disgrace…Nomcebo be sturdy you’ll get paid eventually…god is on your side…”

@iyamabhele aforementioned, “Ncese Sisi can|they’ll} scam you or do no matter they prefer to discourage you however one factor i am certain regarding is that they cannot remove your talent it is your gift from God and i am certain He will show up uzokumela. Jerusalema ihlanganise Isizwe kunzama kodwa Nkulunkulu wathumela iphimbo lakho mhlabeni lathulisa isivunguvungu nge Jerusalem wathi “ngilondoloze” the ability OF YOUR VOICE, TALENT FROM GOD…he can fight for you”

@msfitqueenuk aforementioned, “Wow!!!! that’s terrible to listen to. countless Love from London, I hope you get precisely what’s owed to you by the label”

@refiloe94 aforementioned, “Sad to listen to this, fight sis and make certain you get everything thanks to you and your family, it’s crazy to visualize what greed does”

Tweeps have additionally taken to Twitter to square with Nomcebo, a number of them said:

“@SneKhumaloSA aforementioned, “Open Mic Productions bafana ne Ambitiouz.. use Black talent however does not wanna pay them. Nomcebo’s vocals square measure a part of the rationale the song went world. These Black recording firms square measure identical as Caucasian firms and it’s fcukin unhappy. Pay Nomcebo Zikode what she is owed”

@_Mcebo_ aforementioned, “When we tend to suspected way back that there was a feud effervescent below there between Nomcebo Zikode and OpenMic, individuals abused United States and even aforementioned it’s in our heads. Well, we’re here currently… #PayNomceboZikode”

@iamGiftedStill aforementioned, “It would be attention-grabbing to visualize what’s on it Jerusalema contract, appears like Nomcebo was done dirty”

What square measure your thoughts on this? will Nomcebo should get cash for acting on the song or she merely was a feature and she or he should go get what’s thanks to her to SAMRO?