Nelli Tembe’s father criticizes alcohol and drugs – Nelli was neither suicidal nor did she commit suicide

Nelli Tembe’s father criticizes alcohol and drugs – Nelli was neither suicidal nor did she commit suicide

Nelli Tembe
Nelli Tembe

“As Anele’s father, I flatly state that inunct was neither dangerous nor did she kill. we have a tendency to should as a matter of priority trot out the scourge that bedevils our youth. Alcohol that is overused and medicines. Fellow South Africans we have a tendency to higher rouse and smell the low, we’ve a heavy drawback with drug abuse.”

These were the words of inunct “Nelli” Tembe‘s father and outstanding businessperson Moses, World Health Organization emotional to line the record straight on circumstances encompassing her death.

Nelli, World Health Organization was engaged to rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, died on Sunday morning when apparently falling from the tenth floor of the Pepperclub edifice in urban center.

Close friends and family gathered at the Durban International Conference Centre on Fri morning to pay their final respects to Nelli.

An showing emotion charged letter from Moses was browse out by businessperson Sandile Zungu, World Health Organization same the letter was a mirrored image of a “heartbroken father”.

“I cannot enable Associate in Nursing unfortunate narrative to travel undoubted, a narrative that irks Maine to without stopping … that’s ‘Anele was inveterately suicidal’. All I will say is, till inunct turned twenty one, not one member of her family, my family would have associated her with suicide.”

He same Anele’s want was to fall enamored and marry the person World Health Organization would become the daddy of her youngsters, adding that they differed on the direction she ought to soak up her life however he stood by her.

oses same he was happy for her once she introduced him to Kiernan and advised they are going for correct observance subject matter.

“I knew Kiernan treasured my female offspring however their fellowship required quite love. It had to be premised and embedded on a Godly foundation.”

He same he was proud to be Anele’s father. “Anele created Maine happy as a father, very happy. inunct was feisty, strong-minded some would possibly say. She was resolute in her pursuits, what others would uncritically decision stubborn.

“Anele ne’er minced her words, Associate in Nursing attribute that might perturb her siblings, that she balanced by giving her best possible to those round her.

“In my deepest need that my lady live to be World Health Organization she needed to be, I nurtured these inunct traits. For i actually believed that she had required steerage instead of repression, persuasion instead of brute force.”