It s.Nandi Madida’s “Power” Photo is burning on twitter 

Nandi Madida’s “Power” Photo is burning on twitter

Nandi Madida has reliably shown love for Africa through her pieces of clothing, themed photoshoots and ethics which is what we induce she was progressing in this photo yet achieved an epic miss the mark according to Twitter.

Madida posted a picture by means of online systems administration media of herself giving her African activism proactivity by making the ‘Amandla’ grip hand perceptible all around with her back toward the camera.

She even captioned the image and posted follow up tweets, pushing what the picture should represent.

“For whatever period of time that my family find agreement in understanding that extremism isn’t OUR illness,not OUR mental burden..and as much as they may reliably endeavor to disturb our’s them who need to search for help to address their mental frame.Its time they review their mental frame&state of mind” she formed.

Dull Twitter has now raised that instead of what the picture was from the start expected to portray which we are estimating is her love for Africa, the picture runs over a little thirst trappy because of her butt in those tight cowhide pants expelling all the thought from everything else

Here are a bit of the reactions from the tweeps on twitter:

SOURCE : Twitter / Instagram /news365