Nandi Madida: #BlackIsKing has been nominated for Best Music Film

Nandi Madida gushes over Black Is King Grammy nomination

Nandi Madida
Nandi Madida

Nandi Madida is over the moon as Black Is King secures a Grammy nomination.

The star is basically excited as she is going to even be topped a winner if they bag the award.

For most Africans, a Grammy award is that the final bragging right, and Nandi is trying forward to winning.

Black Is King was nominative within the Best Music Film class. The songster had contend the role of Nala within the titled film that conjointly featured Beyoncé and several other others.

Nandi Madida declared the nomination the flick had secured at this year’s Grammy awards, thanking those that are supporting.

She conjointly wanted her team members the simplest.

A Grammy nomination adds to Nandi Madida’s string of successes and her fans are pleased with her obviously.

Nandi tweeted: “This month on the fourteenth March the Grammys come about and #BlackIsKing has been nominative for Best Music Film. All the simplest to the team. because of everybody UN agency continues to support it”

See tweet below: