Nadia Nakai leaves AKA in shame

Nadia Nakai leaves AKA in shame

Nadia Nakai leaves AKA in shame
Nadia Nakai leaves AKA in shame

Mzansi rappers AKA and bae, Nadia Nakai are going stronger than anybody study. When their relationship first trended, numerous people said “ It’ll end in gashes ”. A time latterly, the couple is still going strong and are indeed going on family recesses together.

Just lately, the Supa Mega celebrated a corner in his life and his bae, Nadia made sure to tell him just how important she loves him.

“ Happy Birthday, my baby! I love you so much!! You cover me so much! And lift me up I learn so much from you every day!!!! And have theeee most delightful with you!!! I ’m so proud of you!!!!! You ’re my blessing! ” gushed Nadia.
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AKA gave a lingo- in- impertinence response and asked Nadia, “ Are you PRADA me? ”

The couple just enjoyed a holiday with family at the Palace, Lost City in Sun City beofre jetting off to the United States to enjoy some time down in Ohio and California. It’s also suspected that AKA’s coming reader, Mass Country is devoted to Nadia.

A many months back, AKA gushed over Nadia in an interview with Drum magazine. “ I’m in a fantastic place. Love is in the air. Nadia and I’ve been together for about a time and just enjoying each other, ” he was quoted saying.
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“ Music always unites us. Both of us being both artists round our relationship. ”

As in love as they’re right now, it wasn’t all rosy. Abuse allegations owned the couple after their trip to an African country. A source told Daily Sun that the fight happed at the hostel.

“ He allegedly assaulted her at the venue in full view of people. When he arrived at the hostel, he went into a room where she was chilling with other people and allegedly attacked the protagonist who had reserved them. He allegedly punched him several times and also went back to Nadia. He’d to be restrained and formerly calm, he broke down and cried, ” said a source to the publication.

Nadia denied this and indeed despite denying it, the report went out anyway, “ It noway happed. I wasn’t assaulted in any way. We just got into an argument and that’s all, ” she said.

In a common statement, both Nadia and AKA said, “ What we took to be light relations with assiduity peers have been twisted by outlanders. There was no physical or verbal altercation. We’re fine and there’s no drama between us. ”

“ Just to clear the air there was no physical abuse nor verbal altercation between us. we’re fine and there’s no drama between us, we’re reposing our individual successes from the amazing trip. It’s our farther instruction to do with civil claims for damages in the quantum of R800000.000 against yourselves. ”

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