Mzansi roast Mihlali Ndamase after her black men with no money comment

Mzansi roast Mihlali Ndamase after her black men with no money comment

Mihlali Ndamase
Mihlali Ndamase

Mihlali Ndamase has been guns out on men while not cash and UN agency don’t dress fancy. Taking to her social media accounts, the content creator 1st announce language men UN agency don dress well ought to keep distant from her.

This caused a stir as men laid-off shots at her with some mentioning her scandal with someone’s men in metropolis. Later Mihlali then announce language ‘Men with no cash finding one thing negative to mention regarding black girls fantasizing regarding luxury.’

The tweet got men firing shots and language all nasty things regarding her. different women appear to consider her. Here square measure the comments from the public:

There she goes again… thinking she’s special

Lmao yall simply hate Men to be honest, you continue to my crush thousand.

Women with no cash however love for luxury like talking down on guys UN agency square measure on a similar monetary level as them Why square measure they fighting every other?

“In metropolis & in an exceedingly thong” shut up & work,

The actor conjointly responds to men dragging her by language she is okay with diversion for wealthy men on their yachts as long as they need the cash and it’s her business.

“While you may be centered on obtaining your bag up thus you’ll live, what you won’t admit to be your dream lifetime of having women like Maine on your yacht shaking our buns, here you basking in tiny boy energy. Keep your nose outta women’s business sweetheart.”

Earlier this month Mihlali was noticed in metropolis with Meeshka’s man James. the general public wasn’t affected with the makeup artist’s behavior. Recently she was sharing her experiences of sleeping alone and the way dangerous she has to quench her s.e.x needs.