Mzansi reacts Khanyi Mbau’s engagement ring

Mzansi reacts Khanyi Mbau’s engagement ring

Khanyi Mbau
Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau and her bae Kudzai square measure positively keeping individuals on their toes as they succeed variety of unconventional stunts. The couple was the concerning|talk|speak|utter|mouth|verbalize|verbalise} the city once Khanyi left him high and dry in port so came to him however not before creating a song about the complete factor.

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Khanyi Mbau has ne’er denied the actual fact that she could be a drama queen. Her name has been on everyone’s lips for the previous few months particularly once she left her Zimbabwean man crying in port.

The try apparently had a lovers spat that saw Khanyi spurting back to African country and Kudzai taking to social media to beg his African queen to form her manner back to his arms.
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Not long afterward, Khanyi and Kudzai were reunited however not before the personage set to jest at at their fight by singing a song regarding however she simply up and left the poor guy in port.

And currently individuals square measure another time droning once Khanyi Mbau shared a snap of herself rocking a pleasant diamond on her finger. within the caption, she didn’t say abundant however after all, her fans were already jumping to their own conclusions.
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In the comment section, variety of curious individuals asked Khany whether or not or not she’ll be rocking a marriage dress shortly. Others jumped straight to sharing felicitous messages along with her. scan a number of their comments below:

ntombizodwagonyora asked:

“What’s that shiny thing on your finger?”

miss_gwindingwi said:

“Not the engagement ring😍”

mapaseka2715 said:

“Ring finger where the rock is” #Nicki Minaj

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