My love for you will never change – Lerato Sengadi

My love for you will never change – Lerato Sengadi

In addition to all the legal battles HHP’s customary wife Lerato Sengadi has had to face since his death, she’s also been dealing with the rollercoaster of emotions of mourning. A lot has happened in the past nine months. A lot has changed. But what will never change is my love for you & the promises I made. I miss you. I always will,” Lerato said on Instagram.

The well-known publicist revealed her emotions on the day that marked nine months since Jabba took his own life after a lengthy battle with depression.

“I see, feel and hear so much of you in me. I find myself saying things how only you would and even cussing like you (any1 that knows Motho well will tell you how sharp he was with the vernacular cuss words…. something I never did… but now Ha!)”

Lerato shared how she listened to Jabba’s songs, which provided some solace. She added that sometimes her automatic response to the songs left her shocked.

“And sometimes when I’m alone and I play your songs, in between the tears I can even slip in a random yet precise ‘Get down ka lehetla’… It even shocks me.

Lerato attached a piece of beautiful writing from a song by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.