Musician Lection and HHP were close friends.

Musician Lection and HHP were close friends.

Rapper Lection has reflected on his last show with HHP, telling his followers that he could see the struggle on the rapper’s face.

The pair were close friends and worked together on a music video just three weeks before HHP died last year.

Taking to social media on Monday, Lection posted a picture of HHP on stage and recalled the last time they performed at a show together. He said HHP took to the stage sporting a shirt with his name on it.

“This picture was taken on the night we did our last gig together. Underneath that jersey he had a white ‘Lection’ tee that he showed me before he got on stage.”

Lection added that HHP wanted him to jump on stage with him but he refused, instead offering to be his photographer.

Looking back, he said HHP’s struggles were written on his face that night.

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Lection was among those who paid tribute to HHP at the first year anniversary of his death last week.

In an Instagram post, he reflected on waking up to “a very sad sad call” a year ago.

“365 days ago today I woke up to a very sad sad call urging me to get up so we (could) go to Jabba’s house, only to get there and be confronted with horrific news of his passing.

“I didn’t just lose a hero and mentor but a brother. Thank you for believing in me and giving me a chance,” he added.