Music producer Heavy K has taken to social media about Heavy K

Music producer Heavy K has taken to social media about Heavy K


Perplexed music creator Significant K has taken to online life to put a record blemish on sway. He has not referenced any names at any rate the muso is banded together with two narrative imprints, for instance, Comprehensive Music Social event and his own exceptional Drumboss record name. Things are not looking adequate among skilled workers and record stamps these days, and the Drumboss is the latest to lash out his failure on account of issues inside his stable.

He has advised that in case he is driven any further he will reveal all and it will be loathsome. He has resisted the urge to panic for a long time considering the way that he doesn’t take confidence in people taking on his contentions for him.

“I’ve quieted for a truly prolonged stretch of time since I don’t believe in allowing others to take on my contentions! Bathi in xhosa “indoda iyazidodela” yet I’ve taken such a lot of poo from this imprint and it’s time now!

I won’t notice names for the present anyway in case they push me I’ll put everything here so,..Y’all can see with yourselves own eyes.


source : instagram / news365