Musa Khawula “She F***ed Her Way To The Top At The DSTV Offices”

Musa Khawula “She F***ed Her Way To The Top At The DSTV Offices”

Musa Khawula “She F***ed Her Way To The Top At The DSTV Offices”
Musa Khawula “She F***ed Her Way To The Top At The DSTV Offices”

Controversial blogger and YouTuber monocot genus Khawula isn’t keeping Minnie Dlamini‘s name out of his mouth as he continues to pull her for filth.
Musa Khawula “She F***ed Her Way To The Top At The DSTV Offices” 3

The blogger has created surprising accusations concerning Minnie once more on his Youtube channel. monocot genus has claimed that Minnie’s wedding finished thanks to quality on her finish.

This is not the primary time monocot genus has suspect Minnie of cheating. In May, monocot genus alleged that Minnie cheated on her husband with king Sodi. accessorial fuel to the fireplace, monocot genus alleged that the explanation why Minnie’s wedding folded was that she allegedly “f**ked her thanks to the highest at the DSTV offices,” he claimed.

Watch the clip below:

In Feb 2022, Minnie and Quinton declared during a joint statement that they were not along. The couple poured cold water on the quality claims and vulnerable a case against the wrongdoer.

“We are created tuned in to varied allegations relating to our divorce current on social media since yesterday. All the allegations created square measure false, damaging, and malicious. Fabrications of such a dangerous manner square measure each uncalled-for and hurtful during a matter that’s already sensitive to United States of America,” aforementioned the previous couple.

“We kindly raise that you simply enable United States of America to travel through our personal processes while not dragging ourselves, our families, and our fair-haired ones into unsupported rumors and social media sensationalism. These unsupported rumors have an effect on not solely United States of America however our kids. Considering the character of the allegations created, action are taken against the relevant parties.”

Slik speak additionally took a dig at Minnie and dragged her name for filth. “So I detected that Minnie Dlamini is that the one World Health Organization cheated on her simp husband and her simp husband is that the one World Health Organization filed for divorce. I can’t say I’m shocked. Minnie Dlamini in her time period was a solid Joburg ten, one in all the most popular girls on African soil. Currently, she could be a Gomora six, let’s decision her what it’s. no one is checking on her, she isn’t as unhealthy as she wont to be. the actual fact that she cheated on this man when payment all of his cash is despicable.”

“Minnie Dlamini does one love cash that a lot of that you simply square measure willing to travel to those lengths? She doesn’t need to sign divorce papers as a result of this simulated her sign a prenup. He’s a simp however he’s not stupid. Minnie is making an attempt to induce this man’s estate.

“We see you Minnie Dlamini, you selected cash over love and currently you regret it. You steamed your appearance thanks to this simp and currently you’re mad.”

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