Moshe Ndiki will replace Jub Jub as a host on #YouPromisedToMarryMe

Moshe Ndiki will replace Jub Jub as a host on #YouPromisedToMarryMe

Moshe Ndiki is about to require over the reins on Jub-Jub’s popular show, “You Promised To Marry Me,” for the upcoming episode. And brooding about it, who else could are a far better fit for the show.

The Moja Love popular is typically hosted by rapper turned face of the channel, Jub-Jub. But it seems that Jub Jub has decided to require an opportunity from being a number, and has decided to focus his attention on reviving his musical aspirations.

His first single during a while is that the “Ndikhokhele Remix,” featuring Benjamin Dube, Lebo Sekgobela, Mlindo the Vocalist, Nathi, and Dr. Rebecca Malope, and lots of more. the first single was Jub Jub’s hottest single before the incident that’s better left within the past.

But with Jub Jub having taken hiatus from presenting, Moja Love has opted to exchange him with Moshe Ndiki. Moshe shared the trailer for the upcoming episode and it seems that Moshe will do what he does best when tasked with holding a show; producing moments which will live long after the show is over.

In the trailer shared, Moshe is tasked with helping another woman to urge her man, or ex-man, to marry her. Even the short trailer already delivers moments. the primary is Moshe popping open the champagne even before they need to receive a verdict on whether the person will say yes. The moment comes during the confrontation when Moshe full-heartedly sides with the lady helping in screaming the person into a wedding.

The choice of Moshe may be a perfect fit for the show. If there was anyone that would empathize with women asking men to marry them is Moshe. to not say he forced his own marriage; but because there’s nobody else that we will consider that knows the way to get over a tumultuous time in a relationship, and are available out flourishing on the opposite side. Therefore, Moshe is ideal to speak women off the sting or join them as they get downbeat the name of affection.