Mosaka celebrates her 44th birthday today.

Mosaka celebrates her 44th birthday today.

The sensational South African TV and radio presenter Azania Mosaka celebrates her forty fourth birthday these days. watching her, age is simply however variety as a result of she’s aging graciously.

Azania Mosaka has been within the show business for some of decades and time and time once more, she has tried that she may be a formidable broadcaster that has with success splashy in radio, business, and tv.

As we have a tendency to would like Azania Mosaka an exquisite birthday, let’s inspect what the host of The Naked mortal podcast has been up to.

Azania and Sizwe Dhlomo spark geological dating rumors

This came as a shock to some, however well Azania was recently from Tony Ndoro and WHO might blame her. Azania and Sizwe Dhlomo were noticed at Azania’s Miss London Salon in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. AN corporate executive told ZAlebs, “They have dated within the past and referred to as it equal. however they’re back along once more.”

At the time, Sizwe and Azania were acting at PriMedia and were ofttimes noticed canoodling within the hallways.

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Azania’s girl suspect of being a prostitute

Mosaka celebrates her 44th birthday today.
Mosaka celebrates her 44th birthday today.

The drama that concerned yankee rap trio Migos had been rearing its ugly head within the diversion news. illustrious twerker religion Nketsi refuted the rumors that she had slept with one amongst the Migos members, Offset.

Someone else WHO additionally received the raw finish of the stick was Shamiso; Azania’s girl. Shamiso was attacked for sharing her supposed expertise with the Migos rappers.

Then there was this image she tweeted that sadly light-emitting diode to the whoredom accusations, that light-emitting diode to her mother to travel on social media and defend her kid.

Azania Mosaka was offended by the whole ordeal as her girl had to lean against her healer, friends, and family so as to even build it through her exams.

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Azania takes power from inunct Mdoda

Remember the show, ‘Real speak with Anele’, it had been within the blink of a watch wherever Azania took the reigns. inunct Mdoda had to travel on a much-deserved vacation and Mosaka remained hosting the show for twelve episodes before Mdoda’s come back.

Since her takeover, fans of the show recommended her interviewing skills and also the nice job she was doing. Sadly simply months once absorbing the show, Azania proclaimed that the show was returning to AN finish.