Mohale expels Somizi and leaves the palace

Mohale expels Somizi and leaves the palace

Mohale Dumps Somizi, Moves Out Of Mansion?

It appears that Mohale has allegedly dumped Somizi consistent with rumors. Mohale Motaung who many doubted loved the SA Idols judge from the start has officially removed from Somizi’s mansion. Mohale who has apparently un-followed his husband is enjoying his life and recently secured a brand ambassadorship affect Mini Cooper.

Mohale hasn’t posted about Somizi since their one year anniversary in September. Fans of the SA Idols judge are speculating about Mohale’s true intentions since they started dating. Somizi recently congratulated Mohale about securing the Mini Cooper bag but didn’t post his picture.

Somizi Marriage On the Rocks?
Somizi who is 23 years older than Mohale, has apparently had trust issues together with his model-husband since he found random pictures of some men in Mohale’s phone. they need been married for a year now but their marriage is failing consistently with media reports. they need been fighting ever since they’ve met one another due to trust issues.

According to media reports and shut sources to the couple, Mohale was found with another man before this one and he apologized and that they appeared to have moved on.

Here may be a previous tweet from a lover when she acknowledged Mohale cheated on Somizi:

“How can they rush to marriage without fixing themselves first. Mohale was caught red-handed with another man and he apologized to his fiance and they both moved on. It’s high time Somizi teach Mohale a lesson. It’s either he wants their marriage to work or he’s leaving. He needs to choose what’s best for him before he hurts his fiance thrice again.”

Here are yesterday’s comments from Facebook when fans acknowledged Mohale moved out:

“It was obvious from the beginning.” “I’m not surprised… he was obviously in it for the money.”