Mohale And Somizi Are living completely different lives

Mohale And Somizi Are living completely different lives

Mohale And Somizi Are living completely different lives
Mohale And Somizi Are living completely different lives

Stagnant may be a small amount of a reach once describing Somizi’s career although as a result of with all the exertions over the years, he has managed to secure varied luggage and his several alternative skills have afforded him the posh of gaining multiple streams of financial gain.

So the abuse allegations and divorce drama haven’t hurt Somizi’s pockets that a lot of, however he did lose his jobs at subway FM and Idols Sturmarbeiteilung. He even joked concerning his state standing at some purpose.

On the opposite hand, Mohale might need lost his agency however the media temperament has been obtaining endorsement deals, left right and centre. if truth be told Mohale’s latest major bag has him change his CV and adding radio presenter thereto. Mohale Motaung has joined luxury station when months of coaching.

He joins influencer and social media content creator Pamela Mtanga. He thanked Relebogile Maboja for shadowing her. “I’ve spent months coaching and nowadays it finally pays off. A special shoutout to @relebogile WHO wont to enable ME to shadow her radio speak shows and learn such a lot.”

Mohale are change of integrity the breakfast team weekly from from 6-9 AM.

Meanwhile, together with his preparation career having been a serious success, Somizi is victimisation it to fill his pockets while he waits for the mud to settle. Somizi was recently in Namibia for a book language of his cook book, Dinner At Somizi’s. He jetted off this weekend and his 1st stop was at The eating place in Walvis Bay. He aforesaid he and Namibia have one thing in common which is bravery.

During his keep, he was conjointly at the Dunes and he else however made the African dunes area unit compared to those in port, “Been to port Dunes. 1st time in Namibian dunes. I will with pride and with boldness say its either we tend to area unit modest or humble or underestimate our African treasures…coz wow….these area unit means higher….Dubai-s area unit amazing however however area unit means higher.”

His next stop was national capital and he conjointly managed to find out some damara language. His Namibian fans flocked his Instagram comments section, thanking him for visiting them and learning and clutches their culture.

The allegations of their alleged abusive relationship were unconcealed once the audio clip from Mohale had with Legend Manqele. Mohale alleged that Somizi controlled his life and career together with WHO he will and can’t converse with, those folks embody The Fergusons.

“It was in the main concerning work, the buddies that I created that he did not like,” he said, that the querier asked him if he was bearing on The Fergusons, and he answered, “they area unit a part of the list affirmative… There {are|ar|area unit|square MEasure} sure folks he would not need me to converse with, perhaps if we tend to area unit at the club. or even folks he incorporates a history with or folks he doesn’t like.”

The couple is separated and area unit presently having a mussy divorce.

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