Mihlali Ndamase R7000 wig was stolen at the airport and is claiming compensation

Mihlali Ndamase R7000 wig was stolen at the airport and is claiming compensation

Mihlali Ndamase
Mihlali Ndamase

Award-winning content creator Mihlali Ndamase is respiratory hearth when somebody at the airdrome allegedly stony-broke into her bag and scarf her wig. She same her manager’s bag was additionally broken into.

She took to Twitter to place British Airways on blast exigent them to pay her or obtain her a replacement wig. She is exigent R7000.

“I’m thus f*cking irritated somebody at the airdrome stony-broke the cable off my bag and scarf my wig,…All i do know is i need my 7K or they have to contact Fablocks and order Pine Tree State a replacement unit.

She same if British Airways doesn’t resolve this, she’s going to drag the corporate back to the timelines.

“If I don’t get my refund and wig cash I’m transfer it back to the thallium, these corporations love talking in private when doing kak.”

Mihlali additionally disclosed that the corporate still owes her cash from last year from a mistake that was created throughout her booking.

“First this airline owes Pine Tree State cash from December from a mistake somebody created internally whereas doing my booking telephonically currently somebody stony-broke my cable and scarf my wig.

“Lady at baggage inquiries is telling Pine Tree State they aren’t control liable coz it’s a wig? Balance Pine Tree State please.” tweeted Mihlali.

Her followers additionally took to the comment section to share their experiences.

Kgotso Masha responded: “I set-aside a flight to Johannesburg from port for the twenty second of March 06:50. On the departure date I have to be compelled to the airdrome at 06:15 i used to be told that boarding has already closed. It’s appalling that a flight will have tedious rules as if you’re flying internationally”

@mafungwashe: “This is that the reason I wrap my baggage cz 2018 my Colleagues intimate constant issue @ O.R…& we tend to were suggested to ne’er sign on terribly early…”

In 2019, she place FlySafair on blast oral communication the airline’s workers is racist. she same she and her friends were referred to as animals whereas on a FlySafair flight.

“My friends and that i we tend tore referred to as animals by these individuals on FlySafair as a result of we were being ‘loud’ on the flight. I didn’t understand it was against the law to talk on a flight. I mean, if you have got a difficulty with hearing black people’s voices, obtain a non-public jet … I can’t believe we’ve got to trot out such treatment in 2019 for being black, I’m thus discomfited,”

She added: “Please rent education, trained workers. I can’t pay my cash on a flight, solely to be treated like somebody who’s not alleged to get on the airline due to the colour of my skin.”

Responding to Mihlali’s claims then, FlySaFair said: FlySafair can launch a comprehensive investigation into the incident and can take swift and acceptable actions in response.”

Mihlali and FlySafair later free a joint statement oral communication each side were misunderstood.