Mihlali Ndamase post tweets Her Future Husband

Mihlali Ndamase post tweets Her Future Husband

Mihlali Ndamase post tweets Her Future Husband
Mihlali Ndamase post tweets Her Future Husband

Multi award-winning YouTuber and businesswoman, Mihlali Ndamase just got her followers emotional by tweeting a sweet message to her future husband. The content creator who never reveals the identity of her partners on social media tweeted: “I can’t wait to spend the remainder of my life with the love of my life, imagine awakening next to the person you’re keen on forever. I’d cry 40 days and 4o nights.”

Though she revealed that she is currently single and sometimes laments her relationship issues together with her followers, she was romantically linked to someone last year.

Here were some reactions from her followers:

“I desire the more I manifest the LOML the more singleton years God is adding to my life.”

“Isebenza njooonnnnnyyy le way???.”

“Ntombazana sixaxekile luQhushululu lwase Wits wena Wena busy bubhanxa boo LOML and LOVE, khawlilele Abantwana base Wits.”

“I tried it twice and it didn’t work! Good luck! Great meeting you on this ‘bird’.
Tjooo Lord knows I’m ready, funny this is often the primary tweet I see after coming from YouTube watching Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Testament it shall come to pass. AMEN.”

She also trended on social media last month when she revealed that she visited her first vagacial, 48 hours before Valentine’s Day.

She tweeted:”Got my first vagacial today, chile I’m definitely making this a habit. Mami is soft and tender ngathi she’s close to fall off the bone.”

The process which is fashionable the A-listers and uncommon with tons of girls is described as a genital grooming trend that’s almost like a facial. the method smoothens, deep cleanses, exfoliates, and steams a woman’s virgina and sometimes add a spread of masks and serums, like they might a face.

The YouTuber also shared a traumatic experience last month of nearly being shot by a crazy man at the garage in broad daylight. The beautician had a wierd yet agonizing encounter with a person who kept watching her till she felt uncomfortable. When she asked him why he was watching her, he went off on her and emotionally left her shocked.

Though Ndamase may be a very beautiful woman, she finds it awkward and uncomfortable when fans, especially men check out her constantly and creepily. She’s opened about how awkward it’s when people stare, so it’s no surprise that she finally gained the courage to ask a wierd man why was he starring at her.