Mihlali Ndamase isn’t be scared to get real about having acne!

Mihlali Ndamase isn’t be scared to get real about having acne!

Social media queen Mihlali Ndamase opened about the trials and tribulations of getting acne once more as an adult, and fans can tote feel her pain!

For those folks who have had acne, you recognize it had been never a reasonable sight, and sometimes it can come to haunt as an adult.

A celeb who knows this only too well is Mihlali. She took to Twitter with an update on her skin. The star said the acne she had earlier on in life has come. Mihlali said it’s been an emotional rollercoaster because acne never truly goes away.

“One thing about my acne? it’ll come. I’m so uninterested in handling an equivalent thing. It’s been years. Honestly one of the foremost emotionally taxing journeys I’ve addressed. the instant you’re excited about your skin clearing up something goes wrong. I’m so tired,” Mihlali wrote.

Not long after the tweet started a conversation. Some tweeps thought it might be an honest idea to suggest what the star should do to “fix” her skin. Mihlali schooled all the haters with some Acne 101 lessons.

“You really can’t be ignorant enough to inform someone to drink water when they’re complaining about acne. We are adults. Surely we all know the importance of consuming water daily.

“Also there are different types of acne, some are genetic, meaning you would possibly need to manage it for life!” said Mihlali.

Tweeps were also on-board for opening up the discussion on adult acne, which isn’t often spoken about. Others shared their own journeys and struggle when it involves their skin.

See for yourself:

The star has been candid about her acne journey within the past to inspire others to feel less alone in their struggles.

In a YouTube video about her skincare routine, Mihlali was open about how she wont to feel ashamed of her face, but now feels she is confident in herself.

“It took tons on behalf of me to urge to some extent where I’m comfortable enough with my skin to take a seat ahead of a camera and ask you openly about it. Also, i do not have any pictures of when my acne was at its worst because i might delete any I took after analysing my skin process,” said Mihlali.