Mgedeza from DiepCity is Nox’s Father

Mgedeza from DiepCity is Nox’s Father

Mgedeza from DiepCity is Nox’s Father
Mgedeza from DiepCity is Nox’s Father

Last Friday’s episode of DiepCity confused several fans of the telenovela, WHO were left inquisitive if Mgedeza can be Nox’s father.

This theory began once Roman deity shot Mgedeza and her mother comfortable him once everybody ran out attributable to the police.

This was a really confusing scene as a result of Nox’s mother, Thandiwe was acting out of character. Thandiwe is usually a chilly person and he or she was furious with Mgedeza for beating up her husband WHO is Nox’s step-father.

She wished to penalize her husband’s bruises once she left the house however complete up comforting him.

Fans area unit currently inquisitive why she risked obtaining unfree and staying behind once the cops arrived.

She comfortable Mgedeza as if it’s her lover and somebody she cared concerning.

Here’s what we all know as expected

Thandiwe has ne’er disclosed WHO Nox’s father is and she’s continually expressed her emotion for Nox’s biological father.

She’s continually abused her female offspring as a result of she says that Roman deity reminds her of him.

Mgedeza conjointly beat up Nox’s step-father and declared that he’s sort of a father to her.

This theory won’t be true as a result of Mgedeza simply noted that he’s unfertile.
DiepCity fans respond to the episode:

@pontshomotsepe_: I need to make it home on time so I can what the deal between Nox’s Mom and Mgedeza is, because wow she held him quite tight

LebonzaLethabo: I suspect that mgedeza might be Nox biological father

@Val_Wotshel: Not me concluding that Mgedeza is Nox’s dad after that closing scene but isn’t the good sir infertile?

@drac0srevenge: Wait so Mgedeza could really be Nox’s father, the last scene with mashenge speak volumes

@goodgalrirwi: Mgedeza ke Papa Nox which makes Nox and Lerato sisters now that’s a twist!!!

@Nonkulu16880305: Is Mgedeza Nox’s father doesn’t make sense that Nox’s mom went in just when everyone was running out

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