Maskandi Artist Mbuzeni in trouble with fiancee after romantic photo with Glama KaMaskandi go viral

Maskandi Artist Mbuzeni in trouble with fiancee after romantic photo with Glama KaMaskandi go viral

Reports has disclosed that Maskandi creative person Mbuzeni Mkhize has place himself into bother along with his bride-to-be once he was seen holding and smooching Glama KaMaskandi on an image.

A supply has disclosed that Mbuzeni’s bride-to-be is thinking of exploit him once seeing him sharing moments with Glama on social media. once Mbuzeni was approached , he explicit that folks like talking as they’re those World Health Organization spoke concerning this matter on social media.

I don’t have any issues with my bride-to-be and things Maineasure} still going well between me and her. Nothing is occurring between ME and Glama KaMaskandi. we have a tendency to were happy and celebrating once recording her song that I’m featured on, titled ‘Bayesaba Saze Sahagana.’ Explained Mbuzeni.

He refused to let the journalists speak along with his bride-to-be, he didn’t offer out her range as he same he don’t wish to incorporate his married person in his music matters. once Glama was contacted, she same there’s nothing happening between her and Mbuzeni however the image was taken in studio once they finished recording.

‘We were happy and celebrating at the top of a recording session for a song that I even have featured him on, he ne’er same the rest to ME besides talking concerning music. If there’s the rest then you’ll be able to raise Mbuzeni as a result of all i do know is that solely music brings America along and zilch else.’ explicit Glama kaMaskandi

The journalists wished to clear things out on the matter of Mbuzeni about to America to record a song with Rihanna as he has been trending within the past years that he’s expected to record a song with Rihanna. He same he hasn’t been ready to travel overseas as a result of COVID-19.

My company has been attempting once more to form plans on behalf of me to travel overseas and record a song with Rihanna. it’s been planned that i ought to travel within the month of August however there’s nothing tangible that assures that i might be traveling overseas hitherto.