Masasa Mbangeni talks about her own excruciating past relationships to help others heal

Masasa Mbangeni talks about her own excruciating past relationships to help others heal

Former Scandal! actress Masasa Mbangeni has encouraged fans to share their stories to heal and maybe help others heal also .

Reflecting during a tell-all interview with True Love magazine, the star opened about the trials and tribulations of her past relationships.

Masasa opened about her journey of self-love. Masasa got real about the struggles in her past romantic encounters.

“My last relationship (before this one) was the Kilimanjaro of all the bad relationships I even have ever been in. From a young age, I had got into co-dependent relationships where I felt I had to prove myself, and prove that i used to be ok to be loved,” she said.

Reflecting on the insightful interview, Masasa took to her Instagram to elucidate why she felt it important to share her truth. The actress said in telling her story, she hoped others can relate to her and not feel alone in their struggles.

“It’s important to share your story. Because someone could check out you and go, ‘what? You undergo it too? So i’m normal? Nyani?! ‘shame is released!'” said Masasa.

The star noted how someone’s story could help another soul during a time of need.

“An opportunity to attach on shared humanity is established. The universal WE is healed. So share your story. It’s important, it saves lives, yours et al. .” Masasa captioned.

The star has also been candid about the obstacles she has faced in both her personal and work life.

On her return to Scandal! in 2019, the star got real about her return to line jitters.

Speaking to the Sowetan, Masasa said she was nervous initially but eventually felt like she was back reception.

“Walking onto the set the primary time i used to be super-nervous and it felt just like the first time. But as soon because the camera started rolling it became familiar again.” she said.