Maps Maponyane who has tested positive for the coronavirus

Maps Maponyane who has tested positive for the coronavirus


Media personality Maps Maponyane had a candid live chat with his friend, content creator Naledi Radebe, who has tested positive for Covid-19.

Taking to Instagram Live on Tuesday, Maps encouraged his followers to stay indoors and do their bit to curb the spread of the virus.

Showing how serious he is about using the platform to help educate people, the media personality livestreamed a chat he had with Naledi.

“I am going to be chatting to my friend Ledi, who has tested positive for the coronavirus,” he told his followers.

Although she hasn’t left the house in 15 days while under quarantine, Naledi said self-isolation has made her reflect on many things.

“You just have to find things to do … The first week, I was binge-watching Netflix and I was also researching the reports on this disease,” she said.

“It really is being played out in real time, so you’re literally being updated with every step.”


Naledi said she’s started drawing again after 10 years and has finished reading books she had put on hold for a while.

Maps explained that the reason they were having the conversation on a public platform was to help educate people about the virus.

Without getting into much detail, Naledi explained that she first realised she had the virus after she felt very sick.

Maps Maponyane speaks to his friend Naledi Radebe, who has tested positive for the coronavirus.
Image: Maps Maponyane’s Instagram

“Before my first symptom, I feel pretty normal. Just after I got tested, I got a phone call from a friend who I had been with here in SA asking me if I had any symptoms. They said they had been in contact with someone who had Covid-19,” she said.

“I hugged my friend goodbye and went upstairs and I’ve got it since then.”

She acknowledged that the virus can be easily contracted.

Maps ended the chat by explaining the importance of physical distancing and self-isolation – particularly if people think they have the symptoms.

He also rubbished claims that African people are immune to the virus.

“This thing about Africans not contracting the virus is not true. People need to be aware of it. This disease is real.”