Maphorisa And Makwa go head-to-head: ‘Small boys want to disrespect me’

Maphorisa And Makwa go head-to-head: ‘Small boys want to disrespect me’

Maphorisa And Makwa go head-to-head
Maphorisa And Makwa go head-to-head

Amapiano star DJ Maphorisa and producer Makwa are engaging during a scuffle over who is liable for the success of a number of the songs they worked on together.

Things got hectic when the pair hurled insults at one another on their respective Facebook Live videos.

Things started heating up when Makwa took to Facebook LIVE and in response to questions from fans, addressed his fallout with Maphorisa.

“They say Maphorisa made me. Never. that is what i would like to understand …first time I visited Maphorisa they shunned me using fruity loops few moments later broer features a tattoo of FL studio saying it had been inspired by me…Maphorisa claims he gave me Mzonkonko and that i ran with it…there’s no-one who made me,” he said.

Watch the video below:

Makwa produced Kwesta’s hit single Spirit, while Phori produced Ngud. The similarities between the 2 hits, have always been a subject in music circles.

DJ Maphorisa responded together with his own his Facebook LIVE, saying that Makwa was disrespecting him. He claimed that Makwa was on drugs.

“Small boys want to disrespect me…what the f*ck is wrong with you. Makwa is frustrated by the industry and therefore the drugs he’s taking.”

“I wont to drink lean the time i used to be depressed and browsing some stuff, so he hasn’t left it, I have. Now he’s talking sh*t about me… If he were to prevent taking [that substance] he’ll be fine…I’m during this game to assist people,” he wrote.

Taking to his timeline DJ Maphorisa addressed Makwa’s claims that he didn’t copy his format from the Ngud’ hit single to try to to the Spirit song.

“Makwa shut da f*ck up your whole career was made after your copied my wave from Ngud’ by Kwesta and you created Spirit… Fix yourself n f**ken exerting for your sh*t. Lazy boys all u do is simply copy n paste. Start your own sh*t you’re disgusting. I hope u stopped drinking lean mxm I’m disappointed,” he wrote.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Makwa said acknowledged that he and DJ Maphorisa had drank lean together but he had since stopped drinking it and settled for alcohol and cannabis.

“I was drinking lean with Maphorisa some time past … I quit six months ago. [About] what he said about me shooting up , I don’t take any drugs he wanted to only taint my name…I just need to put it out there…”

Makwa who says he doesn’t want to possess a legacy of somebody who “never spoke” up. He maintains that he never meant to ignite conflict with Phori but he wanted to line the record straight that he’s a self-made man.

“I was just waiting to shop for meat and therefore the fans just came and…I’ve been keeping quiet for the longest time…this man never made me. The thing that made me upset me the foremost …he said Kwesta didn’t make Ngud and he’s selecting what he wants to mention without saying the entire truth… if I could tell you the things that went on therein house which are crazy stories. My album is out, I just want to specialise in the music… I released it, Abelungu is that the single and, I’m all about Mzonkonko…

“I just I didn’t want to talk about Maphorisa until his fans pushed me to.”

TshisaLIVE reached bent DJ Maphorisa for comment but didn’t reach him at the time of publishing this text .

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