MacG responds Ari Lennox backlash – ‘Those are her own lyrics’

MacG responds Ari Lennox backlash – ‘Those are her own lyrics’

MacG responds Ari Lennox backlash – ‘Those are her own lyrics’ 3
Speaking on his podcast, MacG claims that he was confused regarding however the Ari Lennox interview created such a tumult.

The 33-year-old DJ claimed that the interview passed last year, which he nearly didnt take it.

“I didn’t even wish to try and do it. I don’t recognize her and that i don’t recognize her music,” he said. but once he familiarised himself together with her music, he in agreement to that.

“She’s liberated, we tend to love sex, we’ve got one thing in common”, he added.

MacG claims that he had “read the room”, before he asked the question. He additionally claims that he mentioned Ari Lennox’s small table performance, within which she performed the song in question, titled Pop.

“Here is Associate in Nursing creative person United Nations agency glorifies her physiological property thus on behalf of me that was my entry half. It’s not like I asked Oprah; ‘Who you f**king right now?’”.

He additionally claims he would ne’er had mentioned that comment, if she had not originally aforesaid it. He continued: “That’s distasteful. however those square measure lyrics from her own song. thus I’m enjoying on that”

MacG additionally rubbished Ari Lennox’s claims that she demanded his production team take away that individual question.

MacG has formally broken his silence on the Twitter debacle close his interview with North American nation singer Ari Lennox.

The outspoken star took to his polemical podcast to inform his aspect of the interview snipping that went infective agent on social media.

In the clip between MacG and Ari Lennox, he asks the singer an issue regarding her sex life, referencing a song lyric – to that she reacted in shock.

Now MacG is responding to the debacle, claiming his question was “taken out of context”.

MacG additionally insinuated that alternative media company firms were attempting to “sabotage” him. raincoat G additionally claimed that alternative trade rivals were paying Twitter influencers to tarnish his name.

He added: “Every we tend toek you continue Twitter you discover all this information United Nations agency build it look like I’m a foul person; misogynistic and vile…You’ll ne’er see the nice things we do trend. The negative stuff can build North American nation unattractive to advertisers.

“The nature of our podcast is uncensored , we tend to raise anything”.

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