Lucky Gumbi fires shots at DJ Tira

Lucky Gumbi fires shots at DJ Tira

Reality television star Lucky Gumbi has begun guns blazing at DJ Tira. The polygamist, whose reality show, The Gumbis, recently launched on SABC1, said Tira was arrogant and disrespectful.

During the show, Lucky, aka SomK, was asked if he knew one among Tira’s songs and his response was he didn’t care about Tira’s music.

In his diary sessions, he explained why he said that: “Even once you check out Tira, you’ll see he’s only for himself,” said SomK. I’d say he’s arrogant.

“I wont to invite him and other DJs once I still worked on events. I’m cool with other DJs.” We even greet one another . With him, we could meet at the garage and he would pass like he didn’t know you.”

He said the sole time Tira greeted him was when he was with a lady .

“I don’t care about him or his music, but He must learn to respect people and people who support his music.”

Twitter users were intrigued by his comment. a person with two
wives, his own reality show, and only wears Versace, Gucci and
LVs, yet he’s worried about DJ Tira!? He must leave Malume alone.

At least Malume has changed many people’s lives. Yena he’s
changing his complexion .) Richman Mthembu wrote: SomK
Speaking about DJ Tira survive national television. is simply off man”

When approached for comment DJ Tira said: “I’ve no idea who this man is. I don’t remember engaging with him. I don’t want drama in my life. And if ngamdelela ngiyaxolisa, nganginga qondile.

SomK said he didn’t want to comment further.