lockdown : Brian Temba slams packed stores

lockdown : Brian Temba slams packed stores

Singer Brian Temba has expressed concern that some South Africans are not taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously, after crowds flocked to the malls over the weekend.

With the easing of the lockdown regulations last Friday, many South Africans took to the streets and shopping malls after a month-long stay at home.

While many were shocked at how citizens in their numbers flooded Cape Town’s jogging hot spots, others such as Brian shared their views on how unnecessarily packed shopping malls were during the pandemic.

Brian shared a viral video of how packed it was at Lakeside Mall, captioning the video: “Kodwa bafowethu. What kind of ignorance is this? Are we so eager to die, that we don’t care about other people dying because of us? #Covid-19 is real bafowethu. Eish, let me protect mine.”

Veteran actress Florence Masebe also spoke out about citizens looking for ways to beat the lockdown rules amid the rise in Covid-19 cases.

Mme Florence described the daily count as “scary” and said citizens needed to adhere to the lockdown restrictions.

“The daily count keeps rising. Yet here we are still looking for ways to beat the lockdown rules. Here we are worried about pies and rotisserie chicken.”