IN 1MAGIC’s hit telenovela The River, she plays evil Lindiwe’s step-daughter, often getting entangled in her web of lies and sometimes has to stand with Lindiwe in her untoward activities.

But, in real life Linda Mtoba is an elegant woman, who enjoys the finest things in life.

While many believe that the winter season is for making babies, because often, when spring comes surprising pregnancies emerge.

However, it seems the former Isibaya actress doesn’t quite subscribe to that notion.

The actress is pregnant and has a glow to show it. She broke the news this morning on social media without mentioning how far long she is.

She posted a picture of herself patting a belly – which shows her growing bump and captioned it: “Our love personified”.

It seems this is the season for some of our celebrities to reproduce.

Generations: The Legacy actress Samela Tyelbooi, who plays Ayanda on the show is also on maternity leave.