Lind Mtoba loves her hubby despite he is away from limelight

Lind Mtoba loves her hubby despite he is away from limelight


TV on-screen character Linda Mtoba, is one of South Africa’s most private famous people about her own life. The on-screen character who broke the hearts of huge numbers of her male admirers when she got hitched in a private service to her hubby Steven Meyer, at that point came out firearms blasting on Twitter to hammer the individuals who get fomented about her not placing his significant other at the center of attention.

For a very long time, Linda has decided to not share photos of her better half and child, to get them far from the spotlight. Linda repeated that her significant other isn’t in the open eye subsequently, she can conclude how to live and share her life.

She said requesting her to show what is storage room to her heart is harmful. The entertainer additionally pummeled the individuals who offer photos of her and her hubby on Twitter to pick up likes and retweets and said it is low and nosy.

He’s a piece of my life I decide to “appear” how I need as well. Cause he’s such a significant piece of my life at that. Would i be able to conclude how to live and share my life. You posting our pics for likes and retweet’s is so low and meddling. Imphilo sweet potato le.

The on-screen character said she will perpetually ensure individuals who are near her heart.