Lillian Dube had the social media streets howling with her comments.

Lillian Dube had the social media streets howling with her comments.

While the whole country is collectively going through the most financially, thanks to Covid-19, entertainers and celebrated artists, in particular, have been suffering in silence. However, veteran Lillian Dube has come out to candidly share her view on the situation.

During an interview with the SABC, Lillian got real about the fact that artists and freelancers need all the help they can get to survive the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

She also thanked those who have directed their donations to the entertainment sector.

“I’m so happy to see that on this earth, there are still people who do the Lord’s work.”

“I had previously heard of Mrs and Mr Ramela, who have been doing amazing charity work, including giving people blankets in winter from as far as Lesotho, as well as locally. I didn’t know that one day, he would honour us as well by helping us in my time of need. Because as you know, we artists are part-time tycoons. The one day you have work and the next dololo,” she said.

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We are part time tycoons????, one minute we are employed next umsebenzi uyaphela ,#artistmatter! We are the soul of this nation. #CastandCrew

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Actress Winnie Ntshaba also commented on a video that was posted by a fellow actress, Zikhona Sodlaka. In the video Zikhona pleaded with those who could to extend a helping hand to artists, performers, cast and crew members who are mostly freelancers.

Winnie agreed that freelancers had in essence been “abandoned” and that they needed all the help they could get.

“I just love the part where you say our friends who are trillionaires must also help … Oh, Zii how I love your honesty. We can’t keep up appearances guys, makulanjiwe kulanjiwe umhlaba wonke. We are also human, struuu. Check on your artist friends bakithi, some are shy to say ku rough,” she said.

Responding to news that government had no plan or regulations in place to accommodate freelancers, Winnie shared information that could help freelancers in need.

“In light of this announcement made earlier this week, we joined hands and resources with the Ramelas to assist some freelancers at this time. We are pleading with other businesswomen and men to donate to the cause and help freelancers as they navigate this new normal without any assistance from relief funding.”

Check out the announcement she was referring to below.