Lil Nas came out on the last day of Pride Month

Lil Nas came out on the last day of Pride Month

Lil Nas closed Pride Month with a bang and topped Twitter trends across the globe after he revealed that he is gay.

The Old Town Road rapper decided to come out as Pride Month wrapped up, and not only did he leave the streets shook, he also gained respect and was applauded for the way he went about it.

Lil Nas asked his fans to listen closely to one of his songs, in which he apparently reveals he won’t hide his sexuality because he doesn’t want to regret it when he’s old.

He also asked them to analyse his album artwork, which features a rainbow (mostly used to symbolise pride in being part of the LBGTQI+ community).

Tweeps claimed that, “traditionally”, fans of country music weren’t welcoming of black people in the genre and reacted the same way to gay people.

This is one of the reasons Lil Nas, a successful black, gay country artist/rapper is as unique as a unicorn.

The streets applauded Lil Nas for being strategic about opening up about his sexuality. Why? Because the hitmaker first released his music, which was streamed and bought like crazy. Then he sold out performance venues and only after he secured his bag, did he come out publicly.

Needless to say, tweeps have decided to stan!