Letoya Makhene says “heartbreak made her lesbian”

Letoya Makhene says “heartbreak made her lesbian”

A troll was quickly sent back to her lane after she tried to rain on actress Letoya Makhene’s parade on Wednesday. This, after Letoya shared a beautiful surprise from her bae and businesswoman Lebo Keswa … only for the troll to question her sexuality.

Letoya took to Instagram to gush about her romantic lover who sent her a beautiful bouquet of red roses as she returned to work on a production set of a project she isn’t naming yet.

“I’m the luckiest girl in the world! After a restless night’s rest because of anxiety over my first day on the set of … hehehe … not telling yet. I walk into my dressing room to find these! Baby thank you! I love you with every beat of my heart. You leave me breathless every single day,” she gushed.

The troll commented on Letoya’s picture, giving the man who apparently broke Letoya’s heart credit for her new homosexual relationship.

“Na mara ke eng Letoya? From giving birth to this. Hehehehe, I fear the man who broke ur heart to pieces shem,” said the person.

Letoya didn’t waste time to put the troll back in her place.

“In case you haven’t noticed, Lebo and I have single-handedly shut down ignorant fools like yourself. Yes. I’ve had kids from two different men and now I’m with a woman … Who’s the boss? You assume that it’s hurt that’s got me here? No honey, it’s boss lady tendencies that have got me to right where I should be. I’m happy … are you? You need to check yourself, fool.”

Meanwhile, a playful Lebo replied to the social media user saying that she’s “very grateful” to that man for messing up. She further told Letoya in the comments section not to dignify the “ghost’s” comments with answers, reasoning that “misery loves company”.

“My love why do you even bother to answer ghosts. As I always say to you misery loves company. I love you and the kids unconditionally … let him go and eat cake for all I care,” Lebo said.

Check out the beautiful bouquet Letoya got at work below …

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