‘Leave Sthoko & Magongwa alone, it’s the boys’ fault,’ say ‘Skeem Saam’ fans

‘Leave Sthoko & Magongwa alone, it’s the boys’ fault,’ say ‘Skeem Saam’ fans

Skeem Saam’s Sthoko and Magongwa are experiencing the most in all parts of their lives yet the one thing watchers appear to be excessively worried about is, will they date or not?

The school trip that helped make Sthoko and Magongwa dear companions and nearly sweethearts is currently appearing as though it will be the one thing that divides them.

In the wake of coming back from the outing that finished in a catastrophe, nothing is comfortable or adorable for the pair. In addition to the fact that they are confronted with losing their positions about “carelessness,” yet Magongwa and Sthoko’s comfortable picture has additionally cost Magongwa the harmony in his marriage and Sthoko has been marked a homewrecker.

It doesn’t help that the pair’s fellowship is likewise in a tough spot as a result of all the strain between them. Sthoko needs Magongwa to forget about some implicating data in his report to secure her. In the interim, knowing Magongwa’s flawed ethics, the watchers are persuaded the delegate chief will toss Sthoko under the transport to spare his own skin.

Devotees of the well known soapie have likewise been profoundly disappointed by the storyline …

“How is this the educators’ deficiency?” one inquired. “It is the young men’s shortcoming, they fled from the gathering,” said another.

See, its every one of the a wreck. Look at the responses underneath: