Leanne Manas is back on the fitness wagon

Leanne Manas is back on the fitness wagon

Toward the beginning of lockdown a wide range of thoughts glided around about how to keep up your wellness during this period. Yet, as the weeks wore on and there was a foggy image of when we’d be typical once more, practice desire dropped.

Simply ask television moderator Leanne Manas.

She opened up about considering adhering to an activity and smart dieting routine during the initial hardly any long stretches of lockdown, yet it immediately came tumbling down.

“I attempted to keep up some type of good propensity during the lockdown, yet in the course of the most recent couple of weeks that has all self-destructed. With it came that sinking feeling and absence of inspiration and essentially kicking the stone not far off while heaping on the kilos, and letting myself know ‘don’t stress we’ll sift through this after lockdown’.”

In a post on Facebook she said individuals around her saw the change and pushed her out of her groove.

“I feel stunning and needed to impart this to you in the event that you end up similarly situated. Try not to put off what you can control. I realize I can’t run at all during the week since I’m on air somewhere in the range of 6am and 9am, yet that is no reason for me to totally give up. Order and a forward-looking vision – realizing that what we do to ourselves currently will remain with us and life will in the long run continue.”

You can peruse the full post here, and ideally discover some type of motivation.


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It’s amazing how easy it is to fall back into your bad habits. You work so hard to get good habits going like exercising and eating properly. I tried to maintain some form of good habit during the lockdown but over the last few weeks that has all fallen to pieces and with it came that sinking feeling and lack of motivation and basically kicking the stone down the road while piling on the kilo’s and telling myself don’t worry we’ll sort this out after lockdown. What a load of nonsense! Thankfully I have incredible people around me who noticed this and pushed me out of the rut and back into the zone! My friend in NY @minime_mia made me join her kickboxing class via zoom @the_boxingpanda – it was damn difficult but absolutely Amazing!! Burned 500cal in a session ?? I then set my alarm for 7am and went for a 7km walk run with @mandy_manas. If she cancelled on me I was gonna crawl right back into bed – but she didn’t. I feel amazing and I just wanted to share this with you in case you find yourself in the same position I was in. Don’t put off what you CAN control – I know I can’t run at all during the week because I’m on air between 6&9 – but that’s no excuse for me to completely let go! Discipline and a forward looking vision – knowing that what we do to ourselves now will stay with us and life WILL eventually resume. Let’s hope I can keep this up – but it’s always good to know I got people around me who care and are not scared to kick my butt when I’m sinking. Have an amazing Sunday and week ahead ❤️❤️ #lockdowndiaries #lockdownday52

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