Last Update On The Amaroto Car Accident

Last Update On The Amaroto Car Accident

Last Update On The Amaroto Car Accident
Last Update On The Amaroto Car Accident

When word got out that Amapiano stars Reece Madlisa and Zuma were supposedly involved in a auto accident, shock and fear replaced as their suckers wished to know if they were safe and sound. Reece Madlisa was the bone who posted the wrecked white vehicle which belonged to them, and suckers wondered if they were in the auto or not.

Now, according to a report by Daily Sun, the brace was NOT in the vehicle. In fact there was nothing in the auto except for the motorist. Their director Archie Basile verified to the paper that indeed the brace weren’t in the vehicle at the time of the accident. Their motorist who’s thankfully safe and came out unscathed was on his way to cost the Amapiano stars.

“ Our machine was in an accident, not us. The motorist was in the auto alone, but he’s not hurt. Reece and Zuma weren’t in the auto. He was leaving his house to come and cost us when the accident happed. I know people are upset, but we’re all fine, no bone was hurt,” Basile said in the statement.

Frequentness like this make Amapiano suckers veritably upset every where seeing how the fraternity lost 4 big stars in the kidney. They’re Killer Kau and Mpura, along with their musketeers TD and Thando Tot. In the accident, their auto collided with a fire fighter’s truck and he too lost his life.

Just two months back, Mfana Kah Gogo was also involved in an accident when he travelled to Johannesburg for the first time ever in a aeroplane. He was on his way to subscribe a recording deal with Sony Music.

Just when the country was starting to come to terms with the end of the brace, Rea Gopane from his Everything SA Music podcast, made some shocking allegations about their veritably close friend JazziQ and said he’s responsible for their end.

“The entire entertainment assiduity looked passed the fact that JazziQ offered Killer Kau andMpura.for the betterment of his career.”

“The day after they failed, he went to Ghana.” said Rea also hisco-host Blvck Steph, added,” so you suppose the ritual was done there.”

Read also continued and said,”I am just saying, we re not reading between thelines.the immolation is right there and everybody missed it.”

He indeed went as far as saying the Amapiano kidney is in fact a secret society. Replying to these claims, JazziQ first advised him on Twitter and said he might throw hands on him.” Occasionally you just need to run before I get to you beget when I lands it’s hardstill.However,”he twittered, If I were you I ’d start soliciting.

But after some time he involved his attorneys from Tailor Made Attorneys. They said the allegations are false and are damaging to JazziQ.
In the statement, they wrote that their videotape” virulently defames Tumelo Manyoni (his real name). While we don’t know where the heinous allegations levelled againstMr. Manyoni emenate from, we do know the following
The allegations are void of any verity and are dangerous
The data aroundMr. Manyoni’s conduct and whereabouts, as explained by Reatlegile Gopane are worrisomely inaccurate, and;
.The allegations have had a severe impact onMr. Manyoni both emotionally and psychologically.”

Their demands are that the crew” intimately withdraw their commentary and apologise, as well as remove the videotape from it’s wholeness from the channel. That includes on ALL social media platforms.
The ESAM crew easily refused to misbehave so JazziQ will now” pursue the matter civilly and criminally.”

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