Lasizwe Talks About dating Mohale!!!!!!!

Lasizwe Talks About dating Mohale!!!!!!!

Lasizwe Talks About dating Mohale!!!!!!! 7
Mzansi media temperament, Lasizwe Dambuza and Mohale Motaung sparked chemical analysis rumours when motion along at the Durban July 2022.

Their various posts prompt that there can be one thing a lot of between the 2 who’ve been referred to as friends for a few time. however knowing Lasizwe and the way he likes to urge individuals talking, everybody couldn’t look on the far side the actual fact that it absolutely was in deep trouble clout or just a promotion stunt.

“Always and forever, my love,” their caption scan.

Their post was awkward for several as it’s been knowledge that Somizi associated Lasizwe haven’t been besties and currently he had shaped an alliance with Mohale?

Yesterday Lasizwe was a guest on Kaya FM’s new morning show 959 Breakfast with Dineo Ranaka and Sol.

During the interview, Dineo Ranaka asked the truth principal was asked concerning his sexual practice and he aforementioned that a great deal is going on. He was hesitant to share a great deal however born a great deal of hints that prompt that he’s chemical analysis Mohale.

He aforementioned that folks have scrutinized this individual a great deal within the past however he’s really a decent guy at bottom.

Lasizwe Talks About dating Mohale!!!!!!! 8
“The moment you truly hear this guy and hear this story and you hear however he’s not simply anyone however somebody WHO simply needs to be precious, cared concerning, and has dreams and ambitions,” he told Dineo Ranaka.

He additionally unconcealed that this explicit person was married within the glare and he’s presently inquiring an enormous divorce.

“I continuously say that life may be a road trip and also the those that ar in your automobile selected to be in your automobile. There’ll be bumps however if we tend to arrange to stop at a garage and you say that you just don’t wish to continue during this automobile, I’m for that.

“My values straight away ar creating recollections and investment in my growth. I’m in this section straight away whereby it’s concerning what makes ME happy at that moment,” he told Kaya FM.

You can hear the interview between Dineo Ranaka and Lasizwe and decide for yourself. Lasizwe delineate Mohale while not mentioning his name.

A couple of years past, the media temperament Lasizwe Dambuza, came out with guns blazing when it absolutely was alleged that he was chemical analysis Mohale.
Lasizwe Talks About dating Mohale!!!!!!! 9
He denied chemical analysis or having ab affair with Som-Gaga’s husband, Mohale Motaung.

This came when the notorious Twitter profile man Handsome, tweeting that Mohale associated Lasizwe were an item however Lasizwe straight off termination the allegations through a blistering clap back.

Lasizwe had denote an image on Twitter, motion with Mohale and that they looked spruce in black and white outfits. the 2 were attending a birthday celebration o Leeroy Sidambe

In a tweet the notorious Twitter profile man Handsome wrote, “Breaking News: Mohale has associate affair with Mohale.” Lasizwe defended himself by onanism the “F- word”.

Showmax declared that it’ll unleash a tell-all special within which Mohale spills a lot of details concerning his unloved adult male Somizi Mhlongo. Mohale Sabbatum down with news anchor Aldrin Sampear, and he mentioned his alleged poisonous wedding with Somizi.

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