Watch: Lasizwe says I am sorry for  “If Sis Bhuti was a person” tweet I was making a joke

Watch: Lasizwe says I am sorry for  “If Sis Bhuti was a person” tweet I was making a joke

Lasizwe as of late experienced harsh criticism for his post which was regarded hostile and disparaging against gay individuals.

As a gay individual himself, Lasizwe before long understood his flaw and corrected it with a statement of regret.

He posted an image with him in a weave not long ago where he subtitled it “If Sis’ Bhuti was an individual.”

He had since erased the post and shared a video of him saying ‘sorry’ with the words “I am grieved” as the inscription.

“At the point when I was posting that picture I was making a joke, you know, similar to I generally do. Yet, I have irritated a few people with that post and I got a couple of calls about that post from particularly my tutors, individuals that are more established than me, who contacted let me realize that what I did was truly not cool.

Such terms were utilized to cause individuals to feel tiny, they were fundamentally slanderous terms. I have been called ‘uSis Bhuti’ my entire life and till this day I despite everything get called ‘uSis Bhuti’,” he said.

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He clarified the purpose behind his use of that term and said it was to remove the force from individuals who utilize that term to disparage others. He figures that individuals who sharpen that term and remove that power from menaces, they are going to give them (menaces) a tough time and they need to search for another thing to put down you by.

“I was not being malignant or attempting to look for consideration or anything like that. In the event that it appeared to be that, at that point I am extremely grieved. I’d in all seriousness. I cherish and value each and every one of you that underpins me. I’m grieved and I love you folks,” he finished up his video.

He got a great deal of flack for his image and here are a portion of the remarks:

Indeed, even Samkelo Ndlovu got smoke when she said his subtitle “was not so profound.”