Lasizwe raises R2 Million in 7 days for WITS students #FeesMustFall

Lasizwe raises R2 Million in 7 days for WITS students #FeesMustFall

The comedian requested individuals to gift R10 in associate degree FNB account to assist raise funds for the #FeesMustFall WITS students World Health Organization area unit troubled to register for 2021 thanks to unpaid fees from previous years.

Few days past, the star disclosed he’s been ready to gather R1Million in 5days.

Well, it’s like things area unit going quicker than he thought as he shared it’s reached R2Million.

The comedian mentioned that normal bank simply given R1Million to the funds creating it a complete of R2Million.

Lasizwe created the news well-known through his Twitter thanking {those World Health Organization|those that|people who} created it doable and who may need contributed a way or the opposite.

Lasizwe tweeted: “STANDARD BANK simply given R one 000 000.00 TO #R10GoesALongWay the entire IS R2 000 000.00! OH MY GOSHSSSSSS!!!!! South Africa we tend to RAISED a pair of MILLION RAND for college kids I DON’T acumen TO REACT!!! a pair of MILLION !!! WHAT!!! thanks thanks thanks WHAT!”