Lasizwe charm the cover of Previdar Pride Edition III

Lasizwe charm the cover of Previdar Pride Edition III

Reality television star Lasizwe graced the duvet of Previdar Pride Edition III. within the glossy third pride edition captured by Neville Dikgomo, the YouTuber is seen wearing a ruffled dress by Lunar paired with stylish boots from Tommy Hilfiger.

His make-up consists of pearl eyebrows and silver lips and was done by Tshego Rams.

In an interview with Khotso Rambo, Lasizwe spoke about the mark he would really like to go away .

He said: “The goal within the future is inspiring sons and daughters to make their paths and not expecting a production to seek out you and ultimately box you.

“One day i would like people to recollect me as an icon; as a force of change; as someone who dared to dream!”

This year has been a nasty one for many people thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, there have been still memorable moments and for Lasizwe, being recognised internationally by MTV is one among his biggest career highlights. the most important highlight of my career has got to be reaching the heights I even have reached at the young age of twenty-two .

“I have accomplished such a lot yet there’s still such a lot before my journey. I’m being recognized internationally by MTV and lots of global brands. i will be able to forever cherish this because this suggests my work is being recognized and noticed.”

He also spoke about the smallest amount of desirable moments.

He said: “The least memorable moments in my career are that I will be able to always be critiqued, and other people will always discriminate against me.

“People will always tell me the way to live my life which is an unpleasant experience. For this issue, Lasziwe was styled by Thaio Lekhanya.