Lady Zamar is the Liar.DNA tests say Sjava is not the Father 

Lady Zamar is the Liar. DNA tests say Sjava is not the Father


Award winning craftsman Sjava has not only been jiving between the sheets of house music sensation Lady Zamar and his significant other, the vocalist is professed to have also expressed sentimental things in the ears of a Jozi woman, behind their backs.

Sunday World can fantastically reveal that Sjava subverted his significant other and Lady Zamar with the woman.

Lady Zamar, who detailed close to the finish of a year ago that Sjava misused her, posted on Twitter early a year back that she dated Sjava from June 2017 and just said a last goodbye to him in March a year prior, two months before the woman delivered “the entertainer’s kid”.

News that Sjava was rearranging his significant other, Lady Zamar and the woman burst on to the open territory when Sjava and the woman were locked in with an acidic youth upkeep deadlock a year prior.

This after the woman, who imagined a posterity on May 25 per year prior, attested that Sjava was her youngster’s normal father and was a fraud father.

The child, whose character couldn’t be revealed for real reasons, was named after one of Sjava’s assortments.

In any case, it worked out that the child was not his in the wake of encountering paternity tests.

The woman discharged her legitimate counselors, PJ Mathebula Attorneys, on Sjava, who was supporting the youth, resulting to unveiling to her that he was done prepared to continue paying papgeld until DNA tests are directed to choose paternity.

After repeated undertakings to secure a social affair with Sjava, PJ Mathebula Attorneys lawful advocate Pumla Nkosi made a letter to the muso, whose veritable name is Jabulani Makhubo, mentioning that he experience paternity tests.

Dated December 3 2019, the letter examines, “It is our rules that our client should have paternity tests done at Lancet explore offices in Milpark Netcare Hospital on 12 December 2019 for the paternity preliminary of [child], insisted to have been brought about by our client and yourself. This is a direct result of the inconsistencies of your picked pathologist. As to previously mentioned, thoughtfully outfit us with a made undertaking out of your openness to the said date by close of business, Friday December 6 2019,” examines the letter.

Sunday World found that the woman moved closer PJ Mathebula Attorneys resulting to scrutinizing the principle DNA tests they encountered at Toga pathology look into focuses in Edenvale.

The Toga pathology results disallowed Sjava from being the common father of the adolescent.

“The dismissal relies upon the way that he doesn’t show the innate markers, which must be accessible for the natural father of the child at various DNA structures. “In like manner, it is in every way that really matters exhibited that Mr Jabulani Makhubo isn’t the natural father,” scrutinizes the individual paternity test confirmation.

Subsequent to deferring, Sjava and the woman encountered the tests, which moreover revealed that he was not the father. Before they went for the tests, the woman and Sjava were snared in a horrendous fight, with the woman mourning why she didn’t rashly end the youth.

“You are so inhumane, by and by I acknowledge all the accounts about you, I don’t have the foggiest thought why I didn’t do [an] hatchling expulsion. All that you did was to crush my life and give me names. I’m not a whore and I will never be one since you picked,” examines one of the WhatsApp messages she ended at him.

In another message the woman imparted her disappointments, ensuring that he didn’t uncover to her that he was hitched, and had fail to tell his mother that he had a “kid” with her.

Sjava expressed: “I’m bearing an assault, yet I would lean toward not to comment on that issue. Regardless, uncover to her lawful consultants to send you the eventual outcomes of the paternity tests with the objective that you can form an authentic story.”

The woman declined to comment. “I needn’t bother with anything to do with this,” she said.