Lady Du talks about her medical condition, which she struggled with for years

Lady Du talks about her medical condition, which she struggled with for years

Lady Du
Lady Du

Lady Du talks about her medical condition, Amapiano DJ Lady Du has participated her croaker calls her a “ phenomenon baby” for defying the odds and still going strong as a songster despite her m lung problem which says has symptoms analogous to asthma.

The chanter said she has been battling with her lungs all her life and had breathing problems since she was born. Her croakers have told her she has underdeveloped lungs that are too small to carry her weight.
In her Instagram post she wrote that the condition has affected her for times.

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“ Commodity particular I ’d like to partake with you guys, it has affected me for times. Since I was born I ’ve had breathing problems, I can not do anything active for further than a nanosecond, but there’s commodity about why I feel like God gave me my musical gift. I can dance on stage for 25 twinkles, pour my heart out but I wo n’t pass out. But as soon as I run for a nanosecond I go straight to sanitarium. Every three months I go to the croaker so they can clean my system.”

“ I call it asthma because that’s what utmost people understand but my lungs, as I was told by the croaker, are underdeveloped and too small to carry my weight. When you see me on stage performing my stylish know that as hard as it’s for me to breathe, I ’m giving everything I have,” she participated.

The Umsebenzi Wethu hitmaker is a pantomime and songster and makes her living from travelling and doing gigs. She said she’d look drained and tired but would still keep pushing, knowing that only formerly in the comfort of her home could she allow herself to feel weak.
“ I ’d love to go to spa but I ca n’t, I ’d like to run on a hill but I ca n’t, I ’d like to play around with my son running after her but I ca n’t. I ca n’t sit in apartments with bank. I ca n’t eat certain fruits.”

“ This is for all the girls and boys who do n’t do effects because they were told they ca n’t by their croakers. Until moment my croaker calls me a phenomenon baby. Husband calls me his breath- taking woman. I ’m actually in gashes writing this. I ’m not sad but proud of everything I ’ve achieved,” she said.

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